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ANCB Addictions Nursing Certification Board

The Addictions Nursing Certification Board (ANCB) has a primary purpose to provide a mechanism for a quality nursing specialty certification for addictions nursing by promoting the development, implementation, and coordination of all aspects of certification and recertification. We invite all nurses in all specialty areas to become certified. ANCB is currently certifying nurses in the US and Canada.

ANCB originated in 1989 under IntNSA who has supported certification of addictions nurses. Due to the accreditation standards that requires a certifying organization to be autonomous from the member organization, ANCB became autonomous in 2014. ANCB continues to support IntNSA’s mission.

ABSNC Accreditation

ANCB is extremely pleased to announce that accreditation for the Certified Addictions Registered Nurse (CARN) and the Certified Addictions Registered Nurse-Advanced Practice (CARN-AP) examinations has been granted by the Accreditation Board of Specialty Nursing Certification (ABSNC). ABSNC accreditation is a peer-reviewed mechanism that allows nursing certifying organizations to obtain program accreditation by demonstrating compliance with the highest quality standards in the industry. It is the only accrediting body specifically for nursing certification.

Mission, Vision, & Purpose


To establish the addictions nursing specialty certification as the standard of excellence by which all stakeholders recognize quality addictions nursing.


Recognizing the pervasiveness of addictions, certification in addictions nursing will be sought after by nurses across all settings and patient populations.


To provide a mechanism and framework for certification of a quality specialty nursing certification program for addictions nursing.

Statement of Non-Discrimination

It is the policy of the ANCB that the board, and any agency with which it contracts, not discriminate in employment or in application of its certification program based on age, sex, race, religion, ethnic or national origin, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, veteran status, or marital status. The ANCB shall not publish materials with discriminatory content or graphics.

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Addictions Nursing Certification Board

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Addiction Nursing Certification Board (ANCB)
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