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Why Get Certified?

Certification attests to the attainment of specialized knowledge beyond the basic nursing credential. Certification serves to maintain and to promote quality nursing care by providing a mechanism for nurses to demonstrate their proficiency in a nursing specialty area. It documents that special knowledge has been achieved, elevates the standards of addictions nursing practice, and provides for expanded career opportunities and advancement within the specialty of addictions nursing. Thus, certification benefits the nurse, the profession of nursing, and the public!

Frequently Asked
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Recertification Eligibility


    1. Maintain a current license as an RN.
    2. Have 60 hours of credit through continuing education, formal coursework, scholarly activity, or voluntary service.
    3. Evidence of 2000 hours with experience related to addictions nursing.
    4. Recertification is valid for 4 years.


    1. Maintain a current license as an RN.
    2. Hold a master’s degree or higher in nursing.
    3. Have 80 hours of credits through continuing education, formal coursework, scholarly activity, volunteer service.
    4. Verify a minimum of 1200 hours of addictions  related practice.
    5. Recertification is valid for 4 years.

    Retired Status

    1. Previously held an ANCB credential (CARN or CARN-AP) for at least two consecutive certification periods (eight uninterrupted years) and must not be actively practicing.
    2. The “CARN, Retired” or “CARN-AP, Retired” is an honorary designation, and as such, does not indicate current licensure as a Registered Nurse or current certification as a certified CARN or CARN-AP
    3. The designation may be written out and may be used on a resume or on a business card, but may NOT be used with his/her signature on a name badge in an employment or voluntary setting
    4. If the applicant chooses to return to practice and wishes to again hold the active credential, he/she must meet current eligibility criteria and again certify by examination.
    5. To apply, the nurse must complete a Retired Status application and pay the required one-time fee at

    How do I Recertify?

    For recertification information, please visit the C-NET website.

    Click Here

    Addictions Nursing Certification Board

    Contact Us

    Addiction Nursing Certification Board (ANCB)
    Center for Nursing Education and Testing (C-NET), Inc.
    35 Journal Square, Suite 901
    Jersey City, NJ 07306
    P: 800-463-0786
    F: 201-217-9785

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